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This electric height-adjustable standing desk converter is $50 off

Go from standing to sitting at the press of a button with the Electric CHANGEdesk.

With working from home on the rise, many of us find ourselves sitting more than ever. Unfortunately though, working from a chair or a couch all day can be associated with a variety of health concerns. These range from less energy and focus to more serious issues like back pain and reduced blood circulation. Is standing up at your desk the answer? Well, a study by the CDC found standing just 66 minutes a day could reduce back and neck pain by 54% and even improve our mood. 

Electric CHANGEdesk

$50 off

Uncaged Ergonomics

Enter the standing desk converter -- the perfect solution to standing more while you work from home and still using your favorite desk or work surface. If you've been thinking about a standing desk but putting it off, now's a great time to take the leap and get the Electric CHANGEdesk from Uncaged Ergonomics -- currently on sale for $199 ($50 off its $249 MSRP).

Using a standing desk converter is a lot simpler than getting a whole new desk, and let's face it, regular standing desks can be pretty expensive. 

The Electric CHANGEdesk raises and lowers smoothly at the touch of a button, so there's no lifting or cranking or taking anything off your desk before you change positions. It makes alternating between standing and sitting really easy, and this is especially key if you're new to a standing desk. You'll want to start with just a half-hour to an hour a day in that case and increase gradually from there. 

Another benefit of the Electric CHANGEdesk is that you can easily change the angle of your keyboard from a neutral wrist position to a negative one. Many home offices just don't have great ergonomics, and this is one way to reduce the risk of injuries and keep your wrists and forearms more comfortable.

This is also one of the tallest desk conversion units out there, so you'll be able to keep your monitor at eye level even if you're up to 6ft 5in tall. No installation is necessary either, just plug it in and you're ready to roll. Or, you know, stand.

Click on the link below to find out more about the Electric CHANGEdesk and claim yours for $50 off while the offer's still available (originally $249 -- now just $199).