This new eBay AI feature doubles as your personal shopper. Here's how to get started

Wish you could afford a personal stylist? eBay's new 'Shop the look' feature can help.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Getty Images/SOPA Images/Contributor

On Tuesday, eBay unveiled its new AI-powered "Shop the look" feature, which presents users with a carousel of fashions tailored to their shopping history, including images and items that are personalized to their preferences. 

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The experience is meant to evolve with users over time, taking into account their changes in browsing habits and showing suggestions accordingly. Users can access the feature from the eBay homepage and fashion landing page (see below): 

To create the feature and deliver a personalized experience, eBay used decades of data, customer insights, and billions of images to train the AI technology, according to the press release. 

"Beyond personalization, shop the look is a gateway to the world of fashion for our customers, keeping them connected with the latest trends and providing access to timeless pieces from our vast breadth of inventory and selection," said eBay in the release. 

The feature is already available in iOS for US and UK customers who have viewed at least 10 fashion items during the past 180 days. The company plans to make the experience available to Android users later this year and is looking to expand the feature into more shopping categories. 

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Generative AI has enabled many apps to adopt customizable features for their users. For example, Pinterest recently unveiled an AI-enabled feature that lets women choose what body type they want featured in their search results when looking for fashion inspiration. 

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