Top 5 reasons to move to CRM

Get results with CRM technologies. Here's what to expect.

Get results with CRM technologies. Here's what to expect.

  1. Pull ahead of the competition. In the cutthroat battle for customers, good service is what separates the winners from the losers. A mere 5 percent uptick in customer loyalty can increase profitability by 25 percent to 95 percent, according to Bain & Co.

  2. Sell more when you know your customers. Do you know who your customers are? Can you pinpoint their spending habits and cater to their individual needs? CRM systems provide you with the data and reporting features you need to make sense of it all.

  3. Work more efficiently. As more businesses get online, integrating your Web site and call center becomes crucial to good customer service. CRM systems provide a seamless connection between the two.

  4. Streamline and save money. CRM systems can dramatically reduce paperwork, cut the time your employees must spend with each customer, and improve processes across your company.

  5. Improve communication.Most companies have communication and data-sharing problems between departments. A CRM system provides a centralized database that every department can access and benefit from.
What It Does
Bottom Line
Astute PowerCenter
(877) 769-3750
Contact management, referral, reporting, order entry, and self-service customer response systems; e-mail management; Web chat; customer response queuing. A comprehensive CRM solution and all the help you need to give superior customer service.
Interaction Platform includes a contact center, a self-service portal creation system, and a data analysis and distribution tool; additional sales and marketing strategy modules are available. A Web-based system that works with your existing software.
Interaction Center includes call routing, customer interaction scripting, e-mail management, and data analysis; Oracle also offers additional tools for everything from procurement to payroll. A fully integrated CRM solution that can grow with your business.
Kana Response
(877) 480-5262
Communication applications include direct e-mail marketing, virtual salesperson, Web-based instant messaging, Web chat, voice communication, and e-mail management; modules for service management, store creation, and e-business application configuration also available. Excellent e-mail management—if that's all you need