Top Android news of the week: Google I/O, BlackBerry Priv, charger recall

This week in the Android space we had a charger recalled, learned the date for Google I/O registration, and learned that apps can move to SD on the Galaxy S7.


Move apps to SD with Samsung Galaxy S7

Traditionally, having a lot of external storage hasn't dealt with the problem faced when running out of system storage for apps. Samsung is addressing that with the Galaxy S7 by allowing owners to move apps to SD storage.

Source: Android Community


Kindle Fire chargers recalled

Amazon is recalling chargers used with Kindle Fire tablets in the UK and Ireland. The chargers came with some Fire 7-inch and Kids Edition 7-inch tablets. The company admits a shock hazard exists with the chargers and will replace them at no charge.

Source: Engadget


Registration for Google I/O 2016 starts March 8

Google I/O is the company's big developer conference held every year. Historically, it has sold out quickly after registration begins and those wishing to attend must registrar quickly. Google will raffle places at the conference for those who register between March 8 and 10.

Source: Android Community

BlackBerry Priv now at Verizon in the US

The BlackBerry Priv, the company's first Android phone, has only been available in the US at AT&T and T-Mobile until now. The Priv is now available from Verizon but it's not cheap at either $30/month for 24 months or $720 in a lump sum.

Source: ZDNet