BlackBerry Priv finally makes its way to Verizon Wireless

The BlackBerry Priv launched in November, but software updates over the last few months have made it a much better device. The timing for a Verizon launch is perfect and important for the success of the Priv.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: Verizon)

The BlackBerry Priv launched as a GSM phone back in November and has since appeared officially at AT&T and T-Mobile stores. Verizon customers were unable to pick up a Priv, until now, but it turns out that was actually a good thing.

There were several software issues when the BlackBerry Priv first launched, and some hardware concerns with early production models, enough to make me return the review device and go purchase another Passport.

After evaluating a T-Mobile BlackBerry Priv last month, it's clear that BlackBerry is serious about its first Android smartphone since several software updates have been issued and production seems to be turning out solid hardware.

Now that the BlackBerry Priv software is running smooth, it's great to see BlackBerry announce the Verizon release. Verizon is an important wireless carrier for the enterprise so getting the Priv into business customers' hands is vital to the success of the BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry Priv screenshots

Verizon customers can order a Verizon BlackBerry Priv online starting today for $30/month on a 24-month payment plan or $720 with no contract obligation. In-store availability is scheduled for 11 March. Verizon is offering 24GB of bonus data per year for as long as you remain a Verizon customer with a BlackBerry Priv order.

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