Turn old peripherals into a park bench with TerraCycle

If you have a lot of old keyboards, mice and Web cameras lying around, they could find a new purpose with the tech recycling innovator.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

We often hear about technology recycling places to turn in old computer systems and monitors so that they don't wind up in landfills. But what about all the peripherals that go along with them, like keyboards and mice and web cameras?

That's the focus of the TerraCycle Keyboard and Mouse Brigade. The program is sponsored by Logitech (which I am sure would love it if you bought new keyboards and other peripherals while you are ditching the old ones). The language on the program page is aimed at schools, but the initiative is also applicable for charities or other organizations trying to get rid of a bunch of peripherals in a responsible manner.

Under the Brigade program, you can ship the gadgets for free to TerraCycle (using a free shipping label for anywhere in the United States), which will turn them into things such as park benches or lap desks.

In exchange, your organization, school or business will receive points for each item donated. Those points can be put toward charity gifts or toward a cash donation for a charity. So, you could actually treat a TerraCycle recycling drive as a fund-raiser of sorts. (You get two points for every device that is accepted by TerraCycle.)

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