Twitter buys up another data-focused startup: Lucky Sort

Twitter has some more new big data and visualization tools headed its way with another startup purchase.
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Twitter is expanding its portfolio once again with the acquisition of Lucky Sort, a Portland, Ore.-based startup with a big data and text mining visualization engine.

The Lucky Sort team confirmed the merger via its website on Monday.

Not many details were shared, except that several of its team members will be moving to San Francisco to join Twitter’s revenue engineering department.

Furthermore, it looks like the Lucky Sort operation will be shut down -- at least as a standalone product -- as CEO Noah Pepper added that current customers will be transitioned "off our system in the coming months such that we can focus fully on our future at Twitter."

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but TechCrunch reported that Lucky Sort had raised approximately $600,000 in VC funding before signing.

Twitter has been busy making waves with some major new product releases (see: Twitter Music) as well as acquisitions lately.

But the microblogging business has demonstrated a key interest in startups that focus on big data, likely so it can churn out in-house analytics from millions upon millions of tweets per day.

Just last week, the San Francisco-based company bought scalable computation startup Ubalo.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Ubalo is touted to provide an easier method of handling large-scale computing.

The startup aims to do that through what it dubs "pods," which are touted to contain the code, data, and any files necessary to run an application all tied up nicely together in one virtual software package.

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