​Twitter is working on a 'save for later' button

Twitter is developing a new feature which allows users to privately save a list of tweets they want to come back to.

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Video: How do CIOs use social media at work?

Twitter is planning on launching a new tool that will allow its 300 million users to save tweets privately.

The new feature will allow users to create a list of tweets they want to come back to, rather than the commonly used workaround of tapping the heart button, which can suggest to others that you like something or endorse it when you don't.

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A few Twitter employees announced the upcoming feature that was piloted at the company's HackWeek, where employees brainstorm new ideas for the service.

Other ways users have been saving things for later include direct messaging themselves, retweeting, or the fiddly process of opening a link in a new tab and emailing the link to themselves, or compiling a list in other note taking apps.

According to Twitter product manager Jesar Shah, lots of users wanted to have an easier and private way of saving tweets for later, especially in Japan.

A prototype shared by Shah shows a new "bookmarks" feature that can be accessed by tapping the 'more' menu -- three buttons on Android, a downward arrow on iOS -- in each tweet. The list of bookmarked tweets can then be accessed from the menu where lists, moments and other features are available. Shah notes the design will likely change over time.

As noted by TechCrunch, Twitter users who want to follow the progress of the feature should follow Shah's account.

There's no timeline for the feature's launch but Twitter is seeking user feedback on the feature as it builds it.

The planned bookmarking feature follows Twitter's recent announcement that it's testing a 280 character limit for tweets, doubling the current 140 character limit.


The upcoming feature was piloted at Twitter's HackWeek.

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