US enterprises want to expand IT teams, but face skilled worker shortages

Security and cloud professionals are in short supply even as 67% of companies plan to expand their IT teams, according to Robert Half Technology.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Sixty seven percent of enterprises plan to expand full time IT workers, but many are having trouble hiring skilled employees, according to staffing firm Robert Half Technology.

The 67% tally was up four points from Robert Half's survey for the first half. And 89% of respondents said it is difficult to find skilled IT workers.

Among respondents to Robert Half's survey, 95% said they will bring on IT pros for projects and 59% said consultants are part of their hiring strategy. Robert Half Technology's survey covered more than 2,800 IT decision makers in 28 US markets. Gartner research confirmed in an April 2019 survey that it's taking HR departments 66 days to fill positions they are familiar with, and 91 days to fill unfamiliar roles. 

Skills where enterprises needed help right away were:

By industry, construction, business services, financial services, energy, utilities, oil and gas, retail and healthcare were all planning to expand IT teams.


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Here's a look at cities in the US expanding IT teams.

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