UK companies slate inflexible accounts software

Three quarters of UK companies have admitted that their computer systems had trouble, or failed to cope, with changing business strategies.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

A survey of 870 management consultants by IT analysts, Tate Bramald Consultancy, revealed that 74 per cent found their systems inflexible. Two thirds of them claimed their systems did not support the business decision making process.

The high numbers of dissatisfied users is partly due to accountants being wary of embracing new software, and partly due to companies using outdated systems, said Jyoti Banerjee, managing director of Tate Bramald.

"Businesses have got used to doing certain things well, like transaction handling," said Banerjee. "Delving deeper into their data is more difficult. Turning that data into information they can use to make business decisions is a major hassle. The information's not available on time, or just not available, he added."

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