Ultimaker builds out software strategy, launches two SaaS offerings

Ultimaker is bundling all new 3D printers with Ultimaker Essentials and launching Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

3D printing company Ultimaker said that it is stepping up its software by bundling its printers with Ultimaker Essentials and launching two subscription services.

The move highlights how 3D printing is becoming more about software platforms as additive manufacturing and the on-demand supply chain develops.

Ultimaker laid out its software strategy at its Ultimaker Transformation Summit. According to Ultimaker CEO Jürgen von Hollen the company's plan is to grow the ecosystem and deliver an integrated hardware and software stack that will include its partner network and target small, medium and large enterprises.

Specifically, Ultimaker is doing the following to build out its software strategy.

  • All new 3D printers from Ultimaker will include Ultimaker Essentials.
  • Launching Ultimaker Professional, a subscription service that includes collaboration and advanced applications.
  • Launching Ultimaker Excellence, a subscription software offering that can be customized.
  • The software plans include e-learning modules, a global application library, reporting and analytics on 3D printers and fleets, CAD integration and full API access with Ultimaker Excellence.

Here's a look at the software and plans available. 


Ultimaker Professional

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