Universal Desktop Daily - Monday, December 18, 2006

Ajax developers on Flash, Flex and Apollo. Christian Cantrell shows off some Apollo applications, Smilebox and Hallmark sign a deal and Mike Harsh shows off some "WPF/E" applications/

  • Mike Downey, who recently took a job as Senior Product Manager for Apollo, has a post about Ajax developers on Flash, Flex, and Apollo with some good quotes from people familiar with all of the technologies.
  • Mike Chambers posted a video interview in which Christian Cantrell shows off some of the applications he's developing using Apollo. If you're just now hearing about Apollo, the video is a great example of what's going to be possible.
  • From last week, John Cook of the Seattle PI has a story about Smilebox and Hallmark getting together. Smilebox was built using Flex and since they're here in Redmond they are on my list of people to talk to.
  • Mike Harsh posted some good WPF/E examples this week on his blog. Mike has been on a tear since WPF/E was released and he's become a must-subscribe for anyone interested in seeing what WPF/E can do.

Lastly, best of luck to all the Microsoft folks who didn't have power over the weekend. The storm that came through the Northwest this week was brutal (Scoble has some good links) and the east side was hit particularly hard.