UPS technology leader adds more power monitoring intelligence to latest line upgrade

APC by Schneider Electric updates server-class UPS line with features that allow IT managers to see power consumption at a glance.

APC by Schneider Electric has updated its server-class Smart-UPS line to include additional power-monitoring and energy-efficiency features. Quick highlights include:

  • Potential efficiency performance of more than 97 percent, even at lighter loads
  • The ability to manage how non-critical loads affect power consumption
  • A three-year limited warranty (instead of the previous two-year one)
  • Alerts that recommend battery replacement dates
  • And, last but not least, a new LCD display that helps you visualize the power consumption at a glance. (The North American models support English, Spanish and French languages.)

Here's a visual:

The LCD matches how the information is communicated as part of the management console, to keep things consistent, according to Ray Munkelwitz, Smart-UPS product line manager for APC by Schneider Electric. Using the "green mode" on the units will help the UPS automatically default to reduced consumption levels without sacrificing performance of the attached systems.

Munkelwitz says the new models will be priced comparably with the existing products. Which is to say you can expect to pay in the mid-$300 range and on up starting with the 750VA models, which are shipping this month in North America. (The 230V models for Europe, Australia and New Zealand are due in early 2010.) All the models fit within the company's InfraStruXure data center power architecture.

APC by Schneider Electric believes that the new models can help save an average of $25 per year in electricity costs. Based on the volume of products that APC by Schneider Electric ships in a given year, that's roughly $10 million in savings for customers or an amount of electricity equal to the power output over nine days by the Hoover Dam.

More skinny about the new products can be found at this link.