US government seeks more data on Amazon customers

Amazon's fourth transparency report avoided any confirmation of national security letters.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

(Image: File photo)

Amazon has issued its latest transparency report for the second-half of last year.

The retail and cloud giant quietly released a statement -- as it has with previous reports -- detailing the latest figures for the last six months of 2016, published Thursday evening.

The report shows which showed a total of 1,583 different requests, down slightly from the previous half-year.

The company received:

  • 1,261 subpoenas, of which the company fully complied with 38 percent;
  • 194 search warrants, of which the company fully complied with 42 percent;
  • 70 other court orders, of which the company fully complied with 51 percent;

Amazon also confirmed it had 58 requests from outside the US, in which it complied with one case and partially complied with another.

The company didn't say which country this came from. A spokesperson for Amazon didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Amazon did not receive any removal orders for the period.

As it has with previous reports, Amazon refused to say whether or not it had received a national security letter during the period.

Tech companies are barred from disclosing exactly how many of these letters it receives, but companies can under their First Amendment right to freedom of speech say if they have not received one.

Amazon instead elected to say it had received between zero and 249 national security requests, which also includes secret orders filed through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

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