Vapar pipes up to help customers by transitioning to Microsoft Azure

The startup has switched from Google Cloud to Microsoft Azure to meet customer expectations.

Artificial intelligence (AI) software firm Vapar has transitioned its fault-detection platform from Google Cloud to Microsoft Azure ahead of plans to expand internationally.

Vapar helps councils and utilities providers manage sewer and stormwater assets, by using AI to interpret video footage captured to detect incidents in pipes in minutes, instead of requiring human operators to manually review the footage, which can take up to two weeks to complete.

According to co-founder and CEO Amanda Siqueria, the decision to switch providers came about after realising many of its customers were more familiar with Microsoft Azure.

"Our customer base is largely government customers and a lot of their existing on-premise software fits in with Microsoft Azure. And that familiarity was key to get people across the line," she said.

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At the same time, the company said hosting on Azure gives it the ability to allow customers to integrate into its Active Directory, which is used to streamline its service to customers.

While Vapar's initial focus has been Australia, it also has global ambitions to expand to the United States and United Kingdom.

"There are pipes everywhere," Siqueria said.

She noted there are potential applications aside from sewer and stormwater pipes, including drinking water pipes, as well as other utility pipelines such as those for telecommunications, oil, and gas. 

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