Verity finds search answers for desktop and Net

Search and retrieval software specialist, Verity, today demonstrated its Search 97 suite for searching hard drives, corporate databases and the Internet.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The cross-platform suite allows powerful text searching and comes in three separate versions: Search 97 Personal; Information Server; and Agent Server. Search 97 Personal uses Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Windows 95 Explorer and Internet Explorer as the front-end to view over 200 file formats, independent of the native application in which they were created. It can create a personal index of viewed information, calling up files quickly through a powerful text searching facility.

Search 97 Information Server lets companies graphically browse their databases and intra-nets. The Agent Server version allows users to create and manage intelligent agents which constantly search for information of interest on intra-nets or the Internet.

The suite is based on the widely-supported Verity search engine. Verity plans to bundle the Personal version with several PC vendors' products by the end of this year, and Compaq and AT&T are likely partners. "Our main competition is Microsoft, but we are confident as we already have all the large partners," said Verity CEO Philippe Courtot.

Verity offers a free cut-down version of Search 97 Personal on its Web site, and pricing for the full version will be around £100 for a single user. The Server version will cost around £1,200 per server.

Verity can be contacted by telephone on 01372-747076.

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