Verizon acquires Niddel for threat detection with machine learning

Verizon wants to give its enterprise customers more tools to automate threat detections on networks.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Verizon on Friday said it acquired privately-held company Niddel to boost its security detection and response for enterprise customers.

Founded in 2014, Niddel hunts threats with machine learning, identifying potentially infected or compromised machines in an organization's network.

Verizon didn't disclose terms of the deal. The carrier said Niddel's technology and services will "soon" be integrated into its current enterprise offerings.

"Using machine learning to improve information accuracy significantly reduces false positives and significantly improves our detection and response capabilities," Alexander Schlager, Verizon's executive director for security services, said in a statement. "Niddel's Magnet software is an innovative threat-hunting system, and we look forward to integrating this automated solution into the already robust set of managed security services offered by Verizon."

Niddle's main product is Magnet, that "investigates the relationship between indicators of compromise (IOCs), their inferred Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and log or event data generated by their organization," the company wrote on its website. Magnet can then transform millions of raw data indicators into high confidence alerts, so analysts can focus on investigating qualified leads and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Verizon's current enterprise offerings include network and gateway security, security monitoring and incident response.

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