Verizon HomeFusion: 4G LTE for the home

Verizon wants to be your home internet provider with the HomeFusion service which brings its 4G LTE network to the homestead.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on

Verizon's 4G LTE network is as fast as any mobile network in the US, and now the carrier wants to be your home provider. The recently launched HomeFusion service includes an antenna on your house and a wireless router to serve up LTE broadband to your whole home.

Once your home is hooked up to the mobile broadband network, the router allows up to 4 wired and 20 wireless devices in the home to share the 4G connection. This is not without limits, however, as Verizon is offering a tier of data caps based on a monthly fee as follows:

While these data allowances may be enough, heavy users will have to watch out for the $10 per GB overage fees in place after the monthly cap is exceeded. Service requires a two-year commitment similar to Verizon's wireless data plans, and a $199 equipment charge which includes installation in the home.

The HomeFusion service has been tested in six markets since March, and will be available this week in all Verizon stores nationwide.

The 4G LTE network is as fast as the connectivity many folks currently use, and is particularly useful in areas that don't otherwise have high-speed connectivity available. I use a mobile hotspot from Verizon on the go, and it is almost as fast as my fixed home connectivity. I use this connection as a backup for those times when my home provider is down, but in a limited area close to the mobile hotspot. This service from Verizon takes that up a notch by enabling high-speed connectivity throughout the home with a single plan, albeit a pricey one.

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