Verizon picks AWS as preferred public cloud provider

Verizon used to have big plans for public cloud services. Today, it's standardizing on AWS. If you can't beat em...
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Verizon has selected Amazon Web Services as its preferred public cloud provider and plans to migrate more than 1,000 business applications and database systems.

The move is interesting given that Verizon at one time was a public cloud player with its acquisition of Terremark. In 2011, Verizon acquired Terremark and outlined its public and private cloud ambitions. Verizon launched cloud compute and storage in 2013. But in 2016, Verizon closed its public cloud efforts and then unloaded its data center and private cloud assets to Equinix and IBM in 2017.

According to AWS, Verizon began running on the public cloud service in 2015. Verizon has a company-wide effort to move to the cloud to boost agility and cut costs. Verizon will now migrate production databases to Amazon Aurora, AWS' database engine.

Last week, Verizon's Oath unit, which features Yahoo and AOL, selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider.

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