VoIPtalk admits to possible data breach

The company says vulnerabilities in the firm's infrastructure are at fault.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer on

VoIPtalk has warned users of a potential data breach but insists the alert is only a "precautionary measure."


This week, the voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider emailed customers a security notice, later posted to VoIPtalk forums, which informed users of a "potential security incident" involving user accounts.

VoIPtalk says that user VoIP and SIP passwords may have been compromised after the company's staff uncovered suspicious activity and external online attempts to "exploit vulnerabilities in our infrastructure" in the quest for customer data.

The company, which provides VoIP services to both businesses and individuals in the UK and Europe, is investigating the incident.

However, VoIPtalk has decided to work on the assumption that user accounts have been exposed, although there are no reports at the time of writing that information belonging to users has been used fraudulently.

VoIPtalk has not provided any further details on how the data breach took place or whether any additional information has been put at risk.

VoIPOffice and connectAssure customers have not been affected by the potential data breach.

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VoIPtalk is implementing a new set of security measures to better protect user accounts, including enforcing password changes and notifying authorities. In addition, by default, users will only be able to call the UK and common international destinations through their accounts by default, and "other destinations" -- whatever they may be -- will be blacklisted. If subscribers wish to enable other areas, they will need to enter the VoIPtalk portal to re-enable more unusual calling targets.

If users notice any unusual activity passing through their account, the company asks that they are notified immediately.

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