We've officially launched ZDNET In Depth with original reporting and immersive storytelling

The first long form story in ZDNET's new content franchise is live, and a new one will arrive each month.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director
Artwork: Clint Branch

Following hot on the heels of our spectacular redesign earlier this year we're pleased to launch our newest feature: ZDNET In Depth.

ZDNET In Depth aims to bring you original reporting and the human stories behind the most important issues and trends in tech.

Every month we'll deliver to you another deeply reported story that allows you to understand the big issues. We're thrilled to present this in an immersive story-telling format that allows the narrative to unfold at exactly the right pace.

We're very excited to have just published the first of these stories and we're starting big.

Our first ZDNET In Depth is a look at what could be the biggest change to our working life in a century – the rise of the four-day workweek.

It's a story that explains how everything from new tech to hybrid work has broken the traditional working week – and how to fix it. It's one of those stories that captures a hugely important tipping point that we could all be looking back to understand for years to come.

We've designed a special look-and-feel for these In Depth story pages and we hope that you'll be able to take the time to immerse yourself in these stories and their original graphics.

The ZDNET team has a long – and award-winning – heritage in delivering impactful writing on tech, and with the launch of In Depth we're opening a new and exciting chapter. It brilliantly complements our breaking news, advice, reviews, monthly special features, videos and more.

And this is just one of the innovations we've got planned for the next few months. Check out our first story and get ready for more to come.

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