What are the top 100 urban trends shaping our cities?

What are the most important advances and discussion points that are changing our cities?
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What are the most important advances and discussion points that are changing our cities?

BMW Guggenheim Lab has released a new list of urban trends, based on information gathered in Mumbai, Berlin and New York City across six months. From 3D printing to micro architecture, environmental psychology to bike politics, it seems that budget cuts and the need to provide affordable housing to increasing populations are not the only considerations having an impact on where we live.

Rather than focusing on anything new, the report is a compilation of the issues that are most talked-of in the community thinktank's events. Available for Mumbai, Berlin and NYC, some of the topics overlap -- such as 3D printing and the ageing population -- whereas others, including Mumbai's 74th Amendment -- an effort to encourage decentralization of government and to improve the effectiveness of urban governance and planning -- as well as Berlin's "urban fatigue" are only included in individual cities.

There are a number of urban projects taking place in cities that are of note: whether to improve space efficiency, transform old property or better using local resources. New York turned an abandoned trolley terminal into an underground park, Los Angeles aims to transform billboards into suspended, floating forests, and Berlin is considering second-hand materials to keep old architecture from falling apart.

Innovation, politics and the economy all have a part to play in how our cities look and function, but it's interesting to see that trends go beyond simple construction and financial concerns.

A section of New York City's urban trends is below.

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