WhatsApp unveils new privacy features to make it easier for you to avoid people

The new features include the ability to leave group chats and use the app unnoticed.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
By Eliseu Geisler -- Shutterstock

Have you ever wished that you could leave an annoying group chat without everyone being notified? WhatsApp now makes that possible. This morning, WhatsApp announced that it would be adding several new privacy features to offer users more control and privacy protection.

The first major update is the ability to leave a WhatsApp group chat without having to notify the entire group. The only person that will be notified of your departure will be the admin of the group which is a big change from its current model which, awkwardly, notifies the whole group chat of your departure. 

Another new feature is being able to control who sees when you are online. Instead of having all of your family and friends see when you are online as soon as you go on the app, you will be able to select who can and can't see when you're online. With this update your "online" status will now be in your control. WhatsApp says both of these features will begin to roll out at the end of August. 

WhatsApp also announced that a new privacy feature is being tested, a screenshot blocking feature that will roll out to users soon. This feature will allow the sender to protect the picture they are sending from being screenshotted by the receiver. 

WhatsApp released its "view once" feature, which allows users to set the photos they send to disappear once they are opened, a little over a year ago. In addition to the "view once" feature, the new screenshot blocking feature will offer users another option to prevent their photos from having a permanent record.

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