Why mobility is big news for small business: webinar

A ZDNet webinar hosted by Rob O'Neill, with special guests Anne Guethoff, director of Marketing Management Partners (MMP), and Steve Orleow, general manager of BioPak.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor
Steve Orleow, general manager of BioPak

Small businesses, naturally, have comparatively small resources.  They need every single staff member to be as effective and efficient as possible to ensure they can compete with more established competitors. 
They need to use every trick and tool to outsmart the competition and to free their staff up from office-bound processes and spend as much time as possible servicing and selling to their customers.
In this upcoming 1-hour live discussion, ZDNet journalist Rob O’Neill will be chatting to 2 small businesses that are using mobile, cloud, and collaborative technologies to help them drive collaboration, communication and productivity.

Anne Guethoff, director of MMP

Steve Orleow, general manager of BioPak, and Anne Guethoff, director of MMP have both successfully implemented mobility in their businesses, and will talk about how they did it, what the benefits have been, and the challenges they had to overcome.
This ZDNet webinar will explore themes including: how do you work out the best mobility strategy for your business; what benefits can your business gain from moving to mobility, how do you improve your market position?  We'll also look at the changes small business owners need to make to entrench a successful mobile culture, and the challenges they must overcome to be successful with mobility.

Register to join us on Thursday, 21 August at 11am to learn about the immediate steps you can take to make your business more competitive and more successful with mobility.
If you're interested, but can't attend, please register anyway, and we will send you a link to the on-demand version. Please also forward this to colleagues who might be interested.

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