Windows 10 and iPhone: Microsoft's Cache app promises shared clipboard for online videos, pics and info

Microsoft's incubator arm is working on a new clipboard app to efficiently save content from the web for later use.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft Garage is building a new clipboard app called Cache.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is developing a new cross-device app called Cache, which can save and organise clips from the web, including text, images, and webpages.

The app is the latest experiment from Microsoft Garage, the incubator responsible for apps like the iOS Word Flow keyboard, the Arrow Android launcher, and dozens of other apps for iOS and Android.

According to the Cache webpage, the app is a simple clipboard manager that you can use to "quickly bookmark text snippets, images, web pages, files, reference material, and your notes" and share them between devices. The page suggests Microsoft has developed a Windows 10 app and iOS app.

Cache is currently not generally available but came to light via a website where you can register your interest.

Should Microsoft release the app to the public, it may fit somewhere on the spectrum of popular note-taking apps such as Evernote, Google Keep, and even Microsoft's own OneNote.

For now though, Microsoft Garage is treating Cache as a "research project" to find out how people manage and curate content while foraging for goodies on the web. People interested in participating can sign up for a chance to try a pre-release version of Cache. To register, users need to provide a Microsoft email account and one sentence explaining how they'd use the app. Microsoft also wants to know whether you use an iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Mac OS, or "other" device.

Cache's clipboard history keeps clipped items in a timeline and it's also possible to group clips into collections, which can be divided up by project, clients, tasks, or ideas. Once a collection has been created, users can copy across text, images, web pages, reference materials, and add notes. The app also remembers where content was dragged from, offering a quick route back to the original content.

According to thurrot.com, Cache is reminiscent of OneClip, a clipboard app also from Microsoft Garage that leaked last year. That app has moved to the Office and Windows team and may be integrated with these products, according to Windows Central.

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