Windows 8 App Store - My wishlist

What would you like to see in the Windows 8 App Store?

It seems pretty clear now that Windows 8 will have an App Store of some description ... but what should that App Store offer Windows users?

While no one from Microsoft has officially said that Windows 8 will have an App Store, Microsoft's president of the Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky, did outline the teams responsible for Windows 8 development, and on that list was App Store.

So, what would you like to see in the Windows 8 App Store? Well, given that this store will likely find itself on millions of devices, and that it has the potential to become the single biggest app store out there, I'd like to see Microsoft put some serious effort into making this work.

Here's my wishlist:

  • Commitment At the top of my list is commitment. I want to see Microsoft demonstrate that it is committed to an App Store and not go pulling the plug on it in a year or so. If Microsoft is going to offer an App Store then I want to be sure that my software will be available for download for years to come. I've got stuff that I bought on day 1 from Apple's iOS App Store (before it was even called iOS) and I can still download that software today.
  • One-stop-shop! Let's have the App Store function as a one-stop-shop for all my software needs. Microsoft is in a great position to create an App Store that would make PC owner's lives a LOT easier? Want antivirus? Click on the App Store! Want to buy Office 20XX (or whatever it'll be called)? Click on the App Store! Want to grab a game? Click on the App Store!
  • Cheap Windows upgrades Why are consumers still having to pay ridiculous sums for Windows upgrades when Apple is offering cheap upgrades for Mac users? If Microsoft wants consumers to let go of the past and install the latest version of Windows on an existing PC then upgrade pricing needs to come down - and come down dramatically! Apple's set the bar at $29, the ball is now in Microsoft's court.Note: While we're on the subject of Microsoft copying Apple and offering a competitively priced upgrade, how about copying another feature - over the web recovery of dead systems. Let's put an end to silly recovery discs!
  • Price No media and lower distribution costs should mean lower prices ... I want to see Microsoft work with software publishers to see that this lowering of costs is passed on to the consumer.
  • Windows Phone apps I'd like to see Microsoft get one up on Apple and make Windows Phone apps available for the desktop and mobile PCs. Why? Because there are many apps that would make awesome lightweight for the Windows platform. Mobile apps have a simplicity to them that, while not taking full advantage of the resources on offer on a PC, make them easier to use for many.

What would you like to see in the Microsoft App Store (and no one say 'Linux' or 'Lion" or anything stupid like that!).


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