Windows Threshold - what the users wanted all along

Windows Threshold backs down from its one-size-fits-all approach to present the best interface for the device its running on.
Written by Howard Lo, Contributor on

Details of the next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold, have come out and Microsoft has bit the bullet and obliterated the Modern UI from the desktop. Depending on the configuration of your device, Windows will present you with a different interface (the desktop and an enhanced Start menu for keyboard-centric environments, the Modern UI for tablet / phone).

It was a bold choice to force users of all devices into the tiled world of Windows 8. How did that come to be? Perhaps it was a failed attempt to anticipate users’ needs, which would explain ploughing ahead with the Modern interface for the desktop even against users’ cries.

Thankfully Microsoft is showing it’s listening to market feedback (or thinking about the money from upgrades it’s missing out on), and Windows Threshold may be the bridge Windows 7 users will cross to enjoy the benefits that Windows 8.1 provides (basically everything is faster even on underpowered machines).

Looks like Microsoft’s goal of having one operating system for all devices is going to be realized by having an OS work differently depending on the device – which is perfect for the user.

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