Apple's lock screen gets a customized look in iOS 16

The iPhone's lock screen is getting its "biggest update ever" so you can customize the colors and design of your screen.
Written by Allison Murray, Staff Writer on

Apple announced new features coming to iOS 16 this fall during its WWDC 2022 event on Monday, including a customizable lock screen experience to make your iPhone more "you."

The new lock screen will let you customize your lock screen in new ways, like changing the font of the date and time, changing the colors, layering your photos in front of the time for a better sense of depth, and a new lock screen gallery with different wallpaper collections, such as a live Weather wallpaper that showcases lighting striking or rain down-pouring.

You'll also be able to add widgets to your lock screen, such as calendar reminders, the weather, activity ring progress, and more. Apple said this will allow you to see important information as soon as you unlock your screen, without having to unlock it and find what you're looking for. 

Three iPhones showing lock screens

Another great feature coming to the lock screen is something called Live Activities: a widget that can show you real-time activities like the score of a sports game, the status of your Uber, how your workout is going, and when the food you ordered will be delivered.

Notifications are also getting a new place on your lock screen and will now roll up from the bottom so you can still see your customized lock screen and widgets.

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The new lock screen will work seamlessly with the Focus feature that was released in iOS 15, so you'll be able to make different lock screens based on a specific Focus.

Apple said this is the "biggest update ever" to the lock screen, which has remained mostly the same throughout the iPhone's lifespan. 

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