Xbox will use Seagate hard drives

Xbox's hard drive will be entry-level quality, just like a set-top box

Seagate has been chosen to supply hard drives for Xbox, Microsoft's forthcoming video games console. In a press release Tuesday Seagate announced that the hard drives will be from its entry-level range rather than its more expensive models.

Xbox, which is timetabled for an Autumn 2001 release, will be Microsoft's first games console. It will contain a 733MHz Pentium III and a custom-designed 300MHz graphics chip, and according to reports from demonstrations its performance could be exceptional.

The spokesman was not able to give any technical specifications, such as capacity, for the drives. "We'd only be guessing at this stage, as the timescale is dependent on our own roadmap", he explained, adding that Seagate was working closely with Microsoft to develop Xbox.

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