XIOtech extends storage virtualization across enterprise

Third generation storage visualization software by Xiotech improves on interoperability and capacity.

XIOtech Corp., a subsidiary of Seagate Technology Inc., is rolling out third-generation virtualization software that will move its Magnitude disk array one step closer to interoperability.

The Eden Prairie, Minn., company on Tuesday announced its new REDI SAN Links and REDI SAN Links Replicator, both of which work on multiple disk array controllers and turn capacity planning into an easier job.

"Before, an IT manager was tied to one Magnitude. What we are allowing now is to have scalability beyond a single controller," said Richard Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing for XIOtech.

REDI SAN Links enables servers from different vendors to be attached to a Magnitude SAN (Storage Area Network), and the disk array now can connect to more than 500 terabytes of storage data. Multiple Magnitudes can also be connected, enabling IT managers to access petabytes of data in a single storage management infrastructure.

REDI SAN Links Replicator is used to copy storage data from a local Magnitude to one located remotely. The software also allows IT managers to continuously back up virtual disks between Magnitudes, also known as remote mirroring, for disaster recovery planning.

XIOtech, founded in 1995, has made virtualization technology a cornerstone of its products. The company's software aggregates all physical drive spindles within a Magnitude into one virtual pool, enabling heterogeneous servers to share volumes of data and allowing capacity to be added on the fly.

The company can be reached at www.xiotech.com.