Yahoo! squeezes into your mobile

The portal wars are over, long live the portal wars
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

The portal wars may have been declared officially over but the major players have a new battle on their hands -- getting their portal onto your mobile. Yahoo!, the latest company vying to be your wireless window on the world, launched its WAP service Tuesday.

The Yahoo! UK mobile Internet content service allows subscribers to access its portal content from a WAP enabled mobile phone. Once the site's WML address has been added to the phone's bookmarks, users will be able to access Yahoo mail, news, sports and weather.

"This is a very exciting development for Yahoo! UK and an important milestone in our Yahoo! Everywhere strategy," said Martina King, managing director Yahoo! UK. "UK and Ireland users will be able to access Yahoo! services wherever they happen to be."

To complement the launch of its WAP services, Yahoo! has built a dedicated mobile Internet directory. It will provide news and features on mobile technology and worldwide listings of WAP sites.

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