Year in review: storage highs and lows

The pace of change continues to accelerate as Big Data, IoT and video create growing demand. New technologies are emerging while cloud storage erodes traditional business models.
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor




  • A new 15,000 RPM disk drive was introduced. I asked why.
  • Samsung announced that Dell is offering the first Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) PCIe SSD. It won't be the last.
  • Seagate bought Xyratex, the premier supplier of enterprise-class storage enclosures.









  • Is the post-PC PC a Mac? Why Mac sales and share are climbing.
  • Yes, you'll see a $25 TB this holiday. And I did, but it looks like strong sales have pushed it out a month.


  • Two potential flash replacements, Crossbar's RRAM and Everspin's MRAM, made real progress towards general availability this month.
  • And the vinyl LP is staging a comebackwith sales up 49 percent this year!

The Storage Bits take

Storage innovation is alive and well - and accelerating. Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud provider, is growing rapidly and offering hundreds of new features each year, many storage related. Microsoft and Google don't want to be left out either.

Basic research is continuing to find new ways to store data more efficiently and safely. New software companies are offering exciting options for massive storage. And the drive vendors are back on the capacity growth track they fell off 5 years ago.

All this progress is overdue, because a digital society needs reliable, long-term digital storage. That's what we don't have now. Maybe in the next 10 years.

Comments welcome, as always. What was your favorite storage advance of the year?

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