Zendesk rolls out new products for more integrated customer service

Zendesk Suite provides omnichannel support while Zendesk Connect uses data to provide more proactive, personalized service.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

The Zendesk Suite brings together Zendesk Support, Guide, Chat and Talk.

Zendesk on Thursday is rolling out some new ways to provide more tightly integrated customer service experiences.

First, Zendesk has bundled various products -- Support, Guide, Chat and Talk -- into one omnichannel package that's easy to deploy. Zendesk makes the case that it will help businesses offer a consistent customer service experience, whether it's over the phone, through live chat, email, or self-service help centers.

Along with providing a consistent customer experience, the company says a unified interface should improve collaboration and create more consistent reporting within companies. It's also 35 percent cheaper than purchasing products individually.

Zendesk, a 10-year-old company with a half billion-dollar run rate and 125,000 customers, casts itself as the SaaS vendor for companies that want their customer service experiences to stand out. Zendesk President of Product Adrian McDermott contrasted Zendesk's SaaS products with the technology stacks offered by its enterprise competitors like Oracle.

"It's tough to differentiate yourself if you're building solutions based on the same private cloud implementations," he said. "With the rise AWS and Azure, CIOs want to blend technology from SaaS vendors and cloud vendors into one space."

In addition to Zendesk Suite, Zendesk is also rolling out Zendesk Connect, a tool that aggregates customer data so businesses can offer automated yet proactive and personalized messages. It pulls in information such as customer actions, support history and user preferences.

"Connect is that customer experience record coupled with the rule-building and message pushing" needed to "send fewer, better messages to engage with people at the right time," McDermott said.

For instance, if weather in the Northeast is causing shipping delays to a retailer's customers in the Northeast, Zendesk Connect can help that retailer preemptively message all of its customers awaiting shipments in the Northeast.

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