Should I get an MBA online?

MBA online programs offer flexible class schedules, affordable tuition, and accessible course materials. However, they require dedication and self-discipline.
Written by Tanika Johnson, Contributor

A master of business administration online can be a substantial but worthwhile investment. There are many factors to weigh when making your decision, such as part-time or full-time enrollment, tuition and fees, and flexible scheduling options. 

While considering enrollment in an online MBA program, weigh the pros and cons of learning online, interacting with your professors and classmates, and gaining practical experience. 

Explore programs that offer academic, networking, and career support. Determine your level of self-motivation and discipline for an online program.

What is the purpose of an MBA?

An MBA increases business knowledge and leadership competencies. Learners immerse themselves in sectors such as accounting, finance, and marketing. While enhancing people and technical skills, students achieve the credentials to compete in a global marketplace.

An online MBA program provides opportunities for strategic thinking, digital and technological expertise, and remote team building.

Core courses may include — but are not limited to — financial and managerial accounting for managers, leadership and negotiation, and economics for the global executive.

Several programs offer career development opportunities such as internships, resume building, and career events.

Is an MBA worth it? An MBA can boost your salary and accelerate your career. Before pursuing your degree, consider your career goals and MBA concentration

What to expect in an online MBA program

What should students expect in a business school? Prospective students should expect to engage in weekly conversations via discussion boards managed by professors, take regular quizzes, and write essays as well as working on case studies, presentations, and group projects. Students must devote significant time towards reading. Reading assignments include textbooks, case studies, online articles, and research studies.

Students may engage with professors and classmates via discussion forums, video conferencing, and live lectures with chat and question and answer options.

While leveraging the demands of graduate school, successful learners apply their problem-solving, organization, and time management skills. Students may earn an online MBA in an asynchronous or synchronous program.

Asynchronous programs typically allow full-time working professionals and students with families a flexible schedule and convenience of submitting assignments any time before the deadline.

Synchronous programs require students to attend live classes in real time. Some programs may require students to meet on-campus for orientation, course exams, or graduation.

Why get an MBA online, rather than in-person?

Weigh the options between an online and traditional degree program. Discover whether accessibility, flexibility, and asynchronous instruction are your top priorities. Consider your learning style and level of proficiency with online learning platforms.


  • For programs incorporating several instructional tools, online education can be adaptable for many learning styles. 
  • With flexible scheduling, working professionals can maintain their jobs without relocating.
  • Learners can build professional networks via online discussion platforms, video conferencing, and social networking. 
  • More employers recognize the quality and value of an online MBA.
  • Employers seek graduates from high quality and reputable online programs.
  • Students can take advantage of an MBA internship for hands-on learning.
  • Program completion is similar to traditional programs and quicker with accelerated MBAs.
  • An online MBA degree can be more cost-effective.


  • Programs may not be adapted to all learning styles and personalities or offer multiple instructional strategies.
  • There might be limited on-campus exposure for building relationships with peers and faculty.
  • Online learners may experience missed opportunities for in-person job fairs and recruitment events.
  • Students may encounter minimal in-person and virtual professional networking opportunities and business referrals.
  • Employers may inquire about the legitimacy and quality of online learning platforms.
  • Hiring teams may inquire about real-world advantages of online MBA programs.

In conclusion

An online MBA program can offer flexibility and accessibility for graduates and working professionals. Accelerated tracks and course waivers can reduce program completion time. With global access, learners may network with peers across the globe.

Take the next step in your career. Enroll in an online MBA program and explore MBA scholarships to further your education.

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