Best job search sites for tech roles: Our picks

Job boards abound, but the best job search sites for tech roles help you find the job you want when you want it.
Written by Melissa Sartore, Contributor

If you've ever been on a job search site, you know they can be overwhelming. Narrowing down positions by the location, role, salary, and experience level you seek presents challenges, especially in the increasingly global work landscape. 

Traditional job search sites have positions for all kinds of jobs across industries, but tech-specific sites like the ones here narrow the scope of jobs listed and help you zero in on the perfect positions for you.

Best job search sites for tech jobs

Large, well-known sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed are excellent places to network and find a new job

But niche job search sites like the ones here offer a more focused selection of positions. These options are tech-centric and active, listing coding jobs, developer roles, administrator positions, and executive opportunities. 

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AngelList Talent

With over 130,000 remote and local startup jobs, AngelList offers tools to narrow job searches to niche industries and personalize job filters. Job collections for categories like women-backed companies, fitness ventures, and location-specific startups accompany featured listings and a weekly blog about the state of employment in tech.

Authentic Jobs

As a job board for designers, developers, and creative professionals, Authentic Jobs serves companies big and small. Authentic Jobs has information about freelance jobs, full- and part-time roles, and internships. Authentic Jobs lists on-site and remote poisons across the world and has a blog with career development, hiring, and workplace guidance.  


BuiltIn lists jobs in categories including data and analytics, project management, development and engineering, and more. You can filter by company, remote vs. in-person, location, industry, and experience required.

Scroll down the homepage to see BuiltIn's curated top job and company picks. The site also hosts user-submitted data on salaries for common tech roles.


Hosted by TechCrunch, CrunchBoard includes job listings from startups and entrepreneurs worldwide. Job categories range from architecture and engineering to sales and business development, with positions at all levels available. 

CrunchBoard includes remote and on-site positions and flags employers hurrying to hire with "Urgent!" A TechCrunch account allows members to see jobs on TechCrunch's website, in newsletters, and across social channels. 



Alongside career development resources and insights into the latest trends in hiring, Dice lists jobs for technologists worldwide. Remote and on-sight jobs accompany positions with startups and the Department of Defense. 

Dice also distinguishes positions by title and skill to make searching for positions easier. Dice users can participate in the organization's virtual career events and hackathons.


Hired users create profiles, and companies apply to interview them — a reversal of the usual process. Hired claims more than 10,000 companies use the platform and touts partnerships with coding bootcamps.

Roles include engineering, developer operations, product management, and data analytics. 

Joining Hired allows you to benefit from Hired's talent-matching process, salary calculator tool, and job market reports as you find your next position. A candidate blog and success stories give you insights into how to find your dream job.


Jobspresso lists remote jobs in tech, among other fields. With more than 1,000 positions available, Jobspresso hand-picks and manually reviews all jobs posted. 

Signing up for Jobspresso allows you to post a resume and access daily, weekly, or biweekly email notifications about available positions. 

Other types of tech job boards you shouldn't forget

Company-specific job boards

Finding your dream job is one thing, but you may also have a "dream company." Technology powerhouses like Amazon, Google, Meta, and Apple have job boards where you can sort positions by location, role, and salary. 

If you have a background with a specific tool or technology used by a company, searching its job board may pay off. Exclusively using company-specific job boards may limit your career options, however. 

Professional organization job boards

Some professional organizations host job boards listing positions related to their field, making your search simpler. 

To access a job board maintained by a professional organization, you may need to become a member. Membership might require dues or fees, but connecting with fellow industry professionals may be worth the money. 

Note that not all professional job boards regularly update. Check each posting's date to ensure it's not stale.

Tech professional organization job boards to explore include: 

Tips for using job search sites

Overwhelmed by thousands of job postings or struggling to organize your efforts? Make your search more efficient by: 

  • Using filters and advanced searches
  • Keeping track of the jobs you applied for
  • Searching synonymous job titles
  • Identifying keywords and phrases for your search
  • Signing up for job alerts
  • Researching companies of interest
  • Being selective and deliberate in where you apply
  • Keeping your resume up to date

If you have a robust professional network, you might not need job search sites at all. Check out our networking tips to learn more about networking as a tech professional.

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Last reviewed April 18, 2022.

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