Brazilian PC market grows 37% in 2021

Corporate sales drive the sector's positive performance, according to IDC.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

According to research by analyst firm IDC, business sales prompted the positive performance of the Brazilian sales market, which has achieved 37% growth in 2021 in relation to the prior year.

Some 8.7 million machines were sold last year, of which 7 million were notebooks and 1.7 million desktops, an increase of 40% and 25%, respectively, in relation to 2020, according to the research. Of all the PCs sold in Brazil last year, companies acquired 3.6 million, up 78% in 2020.

According to IDC, relevant buyers included municipal and state departments across the country. Moreover, devices delivered to students and teachers for educational purposes reached 1 million units last year. To a lesser extent, private organizations contributed to the corporate boost to the Brazilian PC market.

In addition, the study also noted the Brazilian PC market had a turnover of 36.7 billion Brazilian reais ($7.8 billion), up 61% from the previous year. The fourth quarter saw the highest number of sales of the year, reaching 2.5 million units sold, while sales peaked in Q2 when the PC market grew 60% compared to the same quarter of 2020.

Despite the positive performance in the corporate space, the retail segment generated the highest volume of sales, with 5.1 million machines, up 17% in relation to 2020. According to the analyst firm, the B2C segment expanded as a reflection of the demands for remote work and study.

PC prices also increased in Brazil in 2021, up 18% from last year's prices. While desktops cost an average of 3.400 Brazilian reais ($724), up 15% on 2021, while notebooks had an average ticket of 4.371 Brazilian reais ($930), an increase of 18%.

In relation to predictions for 2022, the analyst firm expects 2.4% growth in relation to 2021. However, the different segments should perform differently: while retail sales are expected to drop due to the price hike, corporate sales will reach 9.7% due to factors such as a rebound in sales among small and medium enterprises.

In terms of the broader performance of the Brazilian tech sector, separate research from the Brazilian Association of Information technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom) reported double-digit growth in 2021, driven by internal market demand for hardware, software, and services.

According to the trade body, in 2021, the Brazilian ICT sector generated revenues of 597.8 billion Brazilian reais, up 18.3% in relation to the previous year. The association also noted that the sector accounts for 6.9% of Brazil's GDP.

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