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AGL makes its move into reselling NBN services

Gas and energy giant has begun to sell broadband under its own name.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

After looking at which telco it wanted to buy in 2019, and eventually settling on Southern Phone in a AU$27.5 million deal, AGL entered the NBN reselling market under its own brand on Friday.

The company is opening with a trio of unlimited plans, and offering AU$15 off a month if energy is bundled in.

The smallest plan is a AU$75 per month 25Mbps plan that has typical evening speeds of 19Mbps. There's also a 50Mbps plan for AU$80 per month that has typical evening speeds of 38Mbps and a 100Mbps plan that has typical evening speeds between 7pm and 11pm of 76Mbps.

By way of comparison, Telstra is currently selling its plans based on serving up the rated speed during evenings, so hitting 100Mbps during busy evening periods for its 100Mbps plan.

In announcing its restructure yesterday, Telstra also revealed it was looking to enter the energy market.

"Recognising the growing convergence of energy and data, it's becoming more important to meet the needs of our connected customers by providing the essential services of the future," AGL chief customer officer Christine Corbett said.

"Last year we acquired Southern Phone, one of Australia's largest regional telecommunications companies with more than 168,000 active NBN and ADSL broadband internet and mobile phone services in regional Australia.

"However, the launch of broadband products represents our first move into data and telecommunications under the AGL brand and also supports our strategic priority of growth."

AGL said it is looking to increase its customer count from 4.2 million to 4.5 million by the end of the 2024 fiscal year, and increase the average number of services from 1.4 to 1.6 per customer.

The energy company is the largest private electricity generator in the country.

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