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Comcast says 'network issue' causing outages across Chicago, Bay Area, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more

The company said it was dealing with a "network issue" causing outages in at least 9 states.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Comcast Xfinity customers across the US are reporting widespread outages, with internet, phone and TV services reportedly down. 

Both DownDetector and Netblocks reported massive outages across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Subscribers in Indiana, Rhode Island and South Carolina also reported issues with internet and TV services. 

Of the 54,000 reports of issues, DownDetector found total blackouts for 64% of those reporting issues and 24% affected by landline issues. 

In a statement to ZDNet, a Comcast spokesperson said, "Earlier, some customers experienced intermittent service disruptions as a result of a network issue."

"We have addressed the issue, and service is now restoring for impacted customers as we continue to investigate the root cause. We apologize to those who were affected," the spokesperson added. 


On Twitter, Comcast Xfinity also responded to a message asking about the outages. 

"Thank you for reaching out! I do apologize you are experiencing a service interruption in your area. We are currently having connection concerns around the nation; our network team is working hard toward a resolution. Thank you for your patience!" a spokesperson said. 

In New Jersey, multiple outlets are reporting outages with phone services at police departments and local governments. By 9 am, some police departments said their 911 services were back, but others are still struggling to recover. 

Around midnight on Tuesday, users began reporting issues with their internet, phone and TV services across the Bay Area, and Netblocks said that since then, there have been "at least two distinct outage episodes observable at national scale."


Some news outlets have reported that Comcast is telling customers specific times for when services will be restored. For parts of the Bay Area, customers have been told service will return around 11:10 pm. For some, accessing the company's service outage page has been a struggle as well

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