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Demon hosts £10pcm ISDN Net access

Continuing the long, hot summer of falling Internet access costs, UK Internet service provider (ISP) Demon Internet has launched ISDN access at £10 per month to match its price for analogue modem users.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"It actually costs less for the ISP in hardware to handle ISDN so anyone who's charging more for it is ripping people off," said Demon marketing manager James Gardiner.

Demon also recently added 1,000 lines in London and Gardiner is bullish on the company's prospects despite predicting there will be "about five" ISPs in six to twelve months' time. "We've got more lines and more connectivity than ever," he said. "We've got enough bandwidth for 900,000 users."

Demon is at http://www.demon.net .

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