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Hey Amazon, please bring your video service to Android too

Amazon rolled out their slick Cloud Drive solution for Android devices today and I think it is time that they provided support for video content as well.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

It was great to see Amazon launch their Cloud Drive solution that now gives Android users a great service to encourage Amazon MP3 usage. I now want to see Amazon roll out support for Amazon Video On Demand for Android devices since this is one area where Android lags way behind the iOS platform.

If you look at the available mobile devices that you can use to enjoy Amazon Instant Video content you will think you were back in the early 2000s with lame portable media players. You can actually enjoy Amazon Video On Demand content on Nokia devices like the Nokia N8, but no one ever advertises this capability (another Nokia US failure).

I want to see Amazon partner with Google to bring this capability to the Android platform so that Android owners (both tablet and smartphone) can finally have a resource for easily renting and purchasing movies to watch on the go. One of the main things I do before traveling is load up rental movies on my iPad since $3.99 or $4.99 per movie is about a third of the cost of watching them in a hotel room. At this time, Samsung has their Media Hub service with much more limited content than Amazon and it seems that an Amazon Android partnership makes perfect sense for videos just like they have for music, don't you agree?

UPDATE: Readers kindly reminded me that the latest Android devices support Flash in the browser so you can stream Amazon Instant Video to your Android device. I tried this on my HTC ThunderBolt and it works fine. I imagine it will be even better when I leave Alaska and get back into a LTE area. However, you do need a solid wireless data connection so there is still a need for a mobile app where you could download movies to watch on the plane or in other areas where you have no connection.

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