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In Milwaukee, private sector takes the lead on muni Wi-Fi

Local company sees the muni option as a huge opportunity, leads city officials down the Wi-Fi path
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor on

A  proposal by a company in Milwaukee could put the lie to assertions that municipal wireless is absurdly expensive or that it would freeze private investment. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

San Francisco, Philadelphia and nearly every other city that is launching citywide Wi-Fi have sponsors in City Hall who are spearheading the vision. But that's not the case in Milwaukee. Without waiting for the city, MWFN one month ago took its proposal to City Hall.

The company is offering to own, operate and upgrade the network at its own cost, installing some 25 to 30 transmitters in each square mile. Taxpayers won't pay a cent - unless they want to use it - and city officials are now figuring out whether they want some free zones or reduced rates for low-income residents.

If citywide wireless fails, taxpayers won't lose a penny, either, the company's officers say.



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