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Motley Fool comes to the UK

Madcap investement online service The Motley Fool is coming to the UK.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

A site relating specifically relating to the British stock market is available solely through AOL, providing latest share prices and a step-by-step approach to UK investing.

Famous - some say notorious - as a highly influential site for US investors seeking stock tips, news and features, particularly those relating to technology, The Fool, as it is affectionately known by fans, has gained renown for its iconoclastic approach to investment. Writers are often fiercely critical of consensus institution-held views and opinions have often sparked unlikely leaps in value. Most notably, when Iomega's stock went through the roof last year, many pundits said discussion and analysis on The Fool had contributed greatly.

"This is a fully staffed UK-based site about the UK stock market for UK investors," said David Gardner, co-founder of The Fool. "It is run by talented British writers with an unusual gift for Foolish truth-telling about finances, in plain language -- jokes about the City notwithstanding."

"Without the Fool's invaluable and clear guide to investing I'd only have my AOL salary to survive on," said AOL UK managing director, Jonathan Bulkeley. "As it is, I've been able to put food on the table and clothes on my back."

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