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Tek outputs colour

Tektronix today rolled out two colour printers, the Phaser 300X (£7,495 + VAT) and Phaser 350 solid ink printer (£2,995 + VAT).
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Phaser 300X has better colour control and faster processing of scanned images than previous versions, according to the company, and is aimed at graphics professionals. The printer features 10Mb RAM upgradeable to 22Mb, 300dpi resolution support, and one A4 page per minute printing.

Tektronix's Phaser 350 solid ink printer has 8Mb RAM, upgradeable to 24Mb, and prints at 4ppm, or 6ppm in the budget Fast Colour Mode. It also comes with free black ink.

Tektronix can be contacted by telephone on 01628-403601.

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