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Verizon's new Mobile + Home discounts drop its cheapest home internet plan to $25

The company is launching a series of new discounts aimed at bringing current Verizon Wireless 5G subscribers onto its home internet plans and vice versa.
Written by Michael Gariffo, Staff Writer on

Verizon announced a new shift in its pricing policy that will see the company's cheapest home internet access plans falling to $25 for select customers on one of its "premium 5G Unlimited mobile plans" plans. 

To qualify for the minimum pricing, customers will have to maintain an active 5G Unlimited subscription and sign up for autopay. If they meet both requirements, Verizon is offering a $25 discount on their monthly home internet bill. This drops the cost of $50 per month plans, like the Verizon Fios 300Mbps plan (with a new customer discount), to the $25 price point for new home subscribers. 

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Similar discounts are also available on Verizon's 5G Home Internet plans, other Fios subscriptions, and its LTE Home plans.

This offer is part of a larger series of new discount launches. Alongside the above savings, Verizon is now offering discounts of up to $10 per line per month for existing home internet customers that add up to four lines to new, select 5G mobile plans with autopay. 

Other promotional offers and upgrades being made available as part of this new initiative include a two-year price lock guarantee on one gigabit (Gb) and two Gb plans; 300Mbps and 500Mbps availability launching across the entire Fios footprint; complimentary router rental now being included with all Fios internet plans; and new perks for Premium plan subscribers. 

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It should be noted that in order to access these promotional offers, customers will have to sign up for the new Fios Mobile + Home discount. More information about signing up for this discount, as well as any applicable terms and qualifications, can be found on the Fios website. Potential customers can also visit the Verizon Home Internet web page to see which services are available in their area. 

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