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Roll over, Roomba? Dyson's revamped robot vacuum boasts 'six times' the suction

The Dyson 360 Vis Nav packs a fisheye lens, a triple-action brush bar -- and a hefty price tag.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
The Dyson 360 Vis Nav cleaning a hardwood floor with toys in the background

Dyson, the company best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, is adding a new, more powerful robot vacuum to its product line. According to the company, the Dyson 360 Vis Nav delivers six times the suction power of its previous robot vacuum offering.

Dyson's Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology combined with a 360-degree vision system enables the 360 Vis Nav to recall where it has already cleaned, where to clean next, and to respond in real-time to dust developing in your home.

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Collecting data from its 26 sensors, the vacuum cleaner detects dust, avoid obstacles, and cleans to the edge of walls and sharp corners, Dyson said. With its dual-link suspension system, the 360 Vis Nav can climb up to 21 mm (nearly an inch) and clean under furniture up to 99 mm (4 inches) high.

Thanks to its fisheye lens, the 360 Vis Nav enjoys a panoramic view of your house and an accurate interpretation of its surroundings. Dyson attributes the vacuum's suction power to a 110,000 rpm motor that creates forces of 100,000 grams to capture dust.

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A triple-action brush bar allows the 360 Vis Nav to deep clean large debris on hard floors with a soft nylon brush; fine dust on hard floors with anti-static carbon fiber filaments; and carpets with stiff nylon bristles. The 360 Vis Nav's Piezo sensor checks dust levels 15,000 times per second to detect dust particles unseen by the human eye.

Connect your 360 Vis Nav to the MyDyson app to create, customize, and schedule your vacuum cleaning routine. In the MyDyson app, you can access cleaning reports to see where your home collects the most dust.

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The 360 Vis Nav cleans with pets in mind: It has a wide-diameter brush to reduce tangling due to pet hair, its HEPA filtration system captures pet dander, and there's a quiet mode to keep pets from getting spooked.

The 360 Vis Nav can run for 50 minutes before automatically recharging itself. Dyson's 360 Vis Nav is only available in Australia, for now. Later this year, the company plans to release the vacuum in the US. US pricing has not yet been determined; in Australia, it retails for AUD $2,399, or about $1,590 USD.

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