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Heather Clancy is an award-winning business journalist specializing in transformative technology and innovation. Her articles have appeared in Entrepreneur, Fortune Small Business, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times. In a past corporate life, Heather was editor of Computer Reseller News. She started her journalism life as a business writer with United Press International in New York. She holds a B.A. in English literature from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and has a thing for Lewis Carroll.

I am fascinated about how businesses of all sizes can transform their operations through technology -- not just to make themselves more efficient, but to rise above their competitors. That's the theme for my two ZDNet blogs, Small Business Matters and Next-Gen Partner. For SmartPlanet, I'm focused on profiling inspirational and controversial business leaders who have great leadership lessons to share. I also write regularly and passionately about corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues for GreenBiz.com. Occasionally, I will pop up at an industry conference in some sort of speaking capacity. In cases where an engagement involves a sponsor that may be covered in this blog, that fact will be disclosed in coverage as appropriate. My corporate writing work usually consists of crafting research white papers about some aspect of technology or moderating Webcasts. In the event that my commentary (in written, audio or video form) mentions a company for which I have provided consulting advice, I will disclose that fact. However, there is no connection between these projects and topics that I cover in my blogs.

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Analysis: 5 things to come for electric vehicles

Analysis: 5 things to come for electric vehicles

One of the true benefits of the past two weeks is that I have not received my usual 50 or so e-mails in my three different e-mail accounts, which means that I have had time to do some reading and recalibrating of the themes for my 2011 coverage. I've already blabbed on about my hopes for the solar industry.

January 2, 2011 by in Collaboration

Simple approach to printing less

Simple approach to printing less

So, admit it, you print info off Internet sites or your e-mail just because sometimes you need to have some sort of tangible version of the stuff you’re reading. I’m on a plane right now writing this, and if I didn’t have my paper notes, I would be pretty unproductive.

April 2, 2010 by in Collaboration