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A Better Customer Experience Through Innovative Support Automation

A customer who has received bad online support will unlikely buy from that vendor again.
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Several studies have shown that customers prefer to find answers and information online before contacting a help desk via the phone, or email. The reason is not that people prefer to interface with computers -- but that computers are instantly available; very patient, and sometimes more knowledgeable.

For a support organization, this means that time, money and resources, need to be invested in their online support capabilities. This type of support has also become key to competitive differentiation. Customers will compare online support capabilities and buy from the vendor who offers the most efficient and user-friendly online support on offer. This means customers who experience a bad online support experience will not buy from this vendor again. Fortunately, there are many ways to enhance online support and a few of these innovative possibilities are presented below.

Natural Language Processing

Scientists have been researching ways to make it easier for people to interact with computers, since their invention back in the 1950's. This area of computer science and artificial intelligence is called Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Thanks to recent technological advancements, computers are now able to really understand and speak this natural language with customers directly. Today, it has become difficult to determine if it's a computer that is responding or a human being. This is especially relevant in automated online support, where a bad experience with a support team can quickly result in a frustrated and dissatisfied customer.

However, if the communication with the online support platform is smooth and efficient, it can work as a better solution then asking customers to contact a real-life person via phone, email or social media. So the key is, if companies want to use NLP to provide automated online support, it has to be an advanced and high-quality system to ensure a positive customer experience.

Big Data analysis

Online support can be further enhanced by using big data analysis. Customers are constantly interacting with their vendors to report problems, or ask questions -- these interactions provide a tremendous amount of valuable data. Analyzing and categorizing this big data significantly improves the ability to provide the accurate response to an online customer request. Big Data analysis can eventually predict failures, alerting customers to take action before they face a problem.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will also have a big impact on the way automated support is delivered. Instead of standard documentation, users can experience an animated 3D rendering to demonstrate the actions they need to perform to resolve a problem. It can be used even in the most complicated situations that can reduce errors, accelerate fault analysis and resolution, and increase customer satisfaction. With AR glasses, the user will see the real-world augmented with digitized information. Through the video camera built into the AR glasses, a remote engineer, for example, can see exactly what the user is seeing, significantly enhancing the collaboration. This will result in faster installation or troubleshooting, saving time and money.

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