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Half of Enterprises Likely to Deploy iPad Apps in Next 2 Years (Survey, Charticle)

Here's some survey data that predicts strong growth in enterprise adoption of business mobile apps, especially for the iPhone and iPad.

BI vendor MicroStrategy shared with me the results of their recent Mobile Applications Survey. It surveyed more than 2,400 business and IT professionals, of whom 37% worked at companies with annual revenue of $1 billion or more.

MicroStrategy didn't spell out their methodology, so I can't vouch for that. But the results indicate impressive uptick in enterprise adoption of mobile, which totally jibe with what I am seeing anecdotally (i.e. see my iPad deployment list).

The most impressive findings:

- 83% of all respondents will deploy or are investigating deployment of mobile apps within next two years.

- 62% of respondents with existing/planned deployments are focused on using the iPhone. Extrapolating from that, 52% of all enterprises will likely deploy iPhone apps.

- 55% of respondents with planned/existing deployments are focused on using the iPad. Extrapolating from that, 46% of all enterprises will likely deploy iPad apps.

- BI will be most widely-deployed mobile app over 2 years, with 52% saying mobile BI will be used by more than 20% of organization.

- Security concerns were top reason (26%) for enterprises not building mobile apps.

Here goes (click on slide to enlarge them):

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