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Leveraging cloud for AI success

Hosted infrastructure may be spun up and leveraged on a pay-as-you-go basis, a smart option for IT departments that don't have machine learning experts on-staff.

The cloud can greatly enhance the success of an AI implementation. IT professionals, as well as individual developers, will appreciate working within a stable and scalable environment for models and code. By utilizing a cloud framework, you spend more time developing and less time building up the environment to develop in.

The cloud is not a static environment; it must shift according to the demands on it. As an IT professional, it is your role to understand how to leverage the versatility of the cloud to support AI workloads.

  • AI applications have specific needs. AI applications can put high demand on resources. The cloud environment can be configured to run complex services based on the requirements of the AI application.
  • The ability to create models. Within the cloud, you can create machine learning technology models. Tools like Microsoft Azure Machine Learning allow you to build on a specific technology.
  • Optimized infrastructure. The cloud can be configured to use GPU accelerators for machine learning algorithms. GPU is a form of accelerated computing that allows graphic processors to supplement traditional processors on complex calculations - such as those involved in machine learning and algorithm training. GPUs break the previous barriers that limited parallel processing of AI applications.
  • Framework for modeling. Microsoft Azure provides a PoC (Proof of Concept) framework in which to build machine learning applications. This framework comes with a foundation repository of code that reduces the build time. In addition to the code, it also comes with an ARM template that can be used for deployment. All of these assets can be launched from within the cloud.
  • Integration into current infrastructure. The key to a successful implementation is to integrate the solution into your infrastructure. Microsoft Azure provides integration of services like Active Directory, Power BI, Azure Data Factory, and the Azure SQL Database.

IT pros and developers must seize every opportunity to leverage cloud technologies for AI. Check out Microsoft's comprehensive offering that will put your AI implementation on the path to success.

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