On building better business continuity and preparing for every shift in work style

Work styles are rapidly shifting, and with that comes new challenges in technology enablement.

As discussed in the previous article, work styles are rapidly shifting, and with that comes new challenges in technology enablement; how can organisations properly equip and empower their people to continue working, while also ensuring high levels of productivity and protecting the business' most sensitive data and assets?

Strategically, organisations need to be thinking about remote work as a "bubble" that moves with them. For example, while Gartner found that 74% of CFOs planned on enabling remote working, the same survey found that it was only around 5% of their workforce that would shift from on-site to permanently remote. Many more would instead become "hybrid" workers, spending some time working remotely, and other times coming into the office. For these people, the ability to work needs to travel with them.


How to build a modern business around continuity

Dell Technologies is hosting a webcast on remote working and technology strategy, seeking to address some of the key questions that business leaders and IT teams are grappling with in enabling this "remote working bubble". These questions include:

How do I get most of my people working from anywhere and productive ASAP, delivering applications to where they are working today?

The ability to have preconfigured laptops and/or desktops delivered directly from the Dell factory helps to minimise the work required on IT. This saves not only a week of time for the team per 1,000 devices, but also cuts out the "middleman" and gets the technology directly to the worker.

Alternatively, for organisations that want to deliver a BYOD environment, Workspace ONE is a solution that allows for secure access to business apps or data from any device, allowing employees to get up and working immediately.

How do I enable those that need powerful workstations or those who handle sensitive information to work remotely?

Organisations can rely on a VDI solution over VPN to deliver secure remote access to desktops and applications. Thanks to the NBN in Australia, most residential premises now have access to the kind of bandwidth speeds that are needed to capitalise on a VDI solution for remote access, meaning that an employee can leverage this solution from anywhere. This access will become even more mobile as 5G technologies enable fast bandwidth unwired.

Enterprises can quickly deploy such an environment to their people via Ready Solutions for VDI over Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged infrastructure.

Another option would be to have a VMware Horizon instance running on Dell Technologies' Cloud Platform, or public cloud partners with Horizon, such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Each of these options keeps security top-of-mind while enabling remote access.

How can I extend my security profile to the endpoints, wherever they are?

VMWare's Carbon Black security cloud has been designed to simplify endpoint management down by consolidating multiple endpoint security capabilities to a single endpoint agent and console. It proactively monitors environments, both for explicit attacks, and catches the kinds of attacks that hackers attempt by appearing "normal" in interacting with the endpoint.

How can I deliver network performance to remote workers?

The challenge that many IT organisations face is the burden that cloud services, SaaS-based enterprise applications, and private datacentres place on the corporate network. The solution to this is the Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution, which provides a high-performance link to those applications remotely without relying on running the connection through the corporate network.

How can IT infrastructure growth be achieved when datacentres might not have people on-site to install hardware?

The solution to this challenge is speed. On-premises infrastructure can be deployed rapidly through Dell Technologies Cloud, and data migrated from on-premise to VMC or AWS with no required application refactoring.

The overall purpose of the webinar is to provide IT decision makers with key takeaways based on Dell's own experience in enabling remote work. Dell is a pioneer in this field, having led the way over the past decade in developing technology and best practice policy to enable its own workforce to function remotely.

The benefits of remote work

In addition to being more productive and resulting in happier talent that stays at the organisation for longer, remote work benefits the organisation by allowing them to attract talent regionally and even internationally without needing to invest in the expense of relocation. It also helps the enterprise reach customers further afield by putting staff closer to them.

Dell Technologies solutions have been built with remote working capabilities in mind, which means that Dell is uniquely qualified to help you equip and maintain a mobile workforce, while also keeping a close eye on business continuity and mitigating against the security and technology risks that have been the traditional concerns for those resistant in adopting remote work.

Dell Technologies Re-Evolution Virtual Experience. October 14 & 15. Register now.  

This 2-day virtual event will target medium business customers to discuss the key market trends shaping today's digital economy, the latest advancements in technology and how businesses can remain efficient, agile and competitive during these times. The first Keynote speaker on Day 1: Workspace, Redefined (on 14th October) is the infamous Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki. On day Two: the next normal (on 15th October) we have Genevieve Bell as the keynote speaker. 

Attendees will also hear from Robert Vinokurov, Adrian Iannessa and Aarron Quach will discuss the changing dynamics of the workforce.  To top it off, we will have a leaderboard competition on both days with lots of prizes up for grabs. The major prize is the Dream Remote Working Setup, valued at AUD $8500 which includes a Latitude 7200 Laptop, Dell UltraSharp 49" Curved Monitor, Dell Thunderbolt Dock, Keyboard and Mouse, Alienware wireless gaming headset and a Dell Portable Power Companion (rated at 18000mAh).

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